Mini-Revo® and Bio Mini-Revo® Suture Anchors


Product Overview

Bio Mini-Revo®: The Bio Mini-Revo suture anchor is a 3.1mm diameter screw-in implant manufactured from CONMED's patented Self-Reinforced 96L/4D Poly Lactic Acid. The implant is pre-loaded on a disposable driver and is pre-threaded with #2 Hi-Fi™ high strength suture. The combination of high pull-out strength and ideal bioabsorbable characteristics in a small pre-loaded implant will make it the implant of choice for all shoulder instability procedures. The unique low profile instrument set that includes drill guides, drill bit, bone punch and a self-drilling tap enables precise placement of the pilot hole and the implant for a reproducible technique. Mini-Revo: The Mini-Revo suture anchor is designed primarily for arthroscopic and open Bankart shoulder repair. Additional applications include other shoulder repair procedures, as well as use in small joints.