Flexit system


Regaining mobility

An intense focus for Neosteo is to offer innovative surgical approach, high quality products, education and commitment to service. Our goal is to bring safe and efficient implants that improve the surgeon’s clinical practice and patients outcomes.Efficient Protocol - Designing a better quality of lifeAt Neosteo we are committed to improving the quality of life of every patient treated with our innovative implants.We are offering easy to use and highly functional implants solutions to improve step by step clinician surgical procedure, improve patient outcomes and help patient to regain mobility.

Patient focus : Postoperative management and rehabilitation

At Neosteo we believe that, given cost effective implant technology and improved implant design, more clinicians will integrate our solutions into their practice and help patient to recover early mobility.

Innovating Conception to facilitate the surgery

FlexitSystem® is an innovating solution for High Tibial Osteotomy.
FlexitSystem® offers a relevant answer for the patient’s comfort thanks to its compact size and a quick weight-bearing. 
Developed in cooperation with the medical profession actors, it allows the medical team to save surgical time and facilitates its handling. Therefore, we have designed a secure surgical protocol which allows to easily master the successive steps of the placement of implants. Neosteo we believe that, give cost effective implant technology and improved implant.