Hi-Fi® Suture and Tape


Product Overview

NEW Hi-Fi Tape: Hi-Fi Tape is 69% less abrasive than the leading competitor when measuring tendon tear-through1 and offers broader compression than #2 suture for increased tendon-to-bone interface. Hi-Fi Tape is more than twice as strong as #2 suture2 and simplifies double-row repairs by eliminating the need for medial knot tying.

#2 Hi-Fi Suture: The suture-tendon interface represents a critical component of repair security in rotator cuff repair.3 This braided, non-absorbable suture for soft tissue repair is designed to provide exceptional strength for knot tying while helping minimize tendon damage. In fact according to recent peer-reviewed literature, CONMED’s #2 Hi-Fi® Suture was shown to reduce mean cutting rate by over 50% when compared to FiberWire and FiberTape, which were more abrasive on the suture-tendon interface and led to higher tendon tear-through.4


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