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Y-Knot® RC with Hi-Fi® Ribbon

With strong fixation, less bone removal and a simple, self-punching technique, the Y-Knot® RC helps overcome the trade-offs of other rotator cuff fixation methods.

Y-Knot RC anchors can help streamline procedures with a fast efficient technique that eliminates the need to create and find a pilot hole. 
NEW 1.3mm Hi-Fi® Ribbon combines stronger knot strength with smaller knot stacks.
Hi-Fi® Ribbon has a wider format that is designed for broader compression, yet still allows surgeons to tie sliding knots.



A complete system for the treatment of chondral and osteochondral lesions. 

MaioRegen is a new therapeutic concept, inspired by nature and shaped by state-of-the-art Nanotechnologies. It promotes and guides an effective bone and cartilage regeneration, thus restoring the natural joint physiology.

Conformable, flexible and biodegrable MaioRegen is available in 3 different configurations. 


Hall 50™ a Powered Instruments System with a Lithium Battery

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